The Federation of Korean Association S.E.U.S.A

Summer Olympics

The Korean American Southeastern Summer Olympics Festival, which has been held without exception for 39 years, is an event held to promote friendship among Koreans living in the five southern states, spread the Korean Wave culture, and pass on the culture of the Korean people to the next generation. It is by far the largest Korean event among the events in the southeast region to attend. 

This association was established in 1980 and has been hosting the Southeast Sports Festival every year since 1981 the following year. It is meant to bring harmony and unity between the first generation and the next generation, and we are doing our best to learn and experience Korean emotions, indigenous culture, identity, and native language to the 1.5 generation and second generation.

The Southeastern Sports Festival is the biggest pride and big event of this association, which cannot be seen in any other Korean Association of continents abroad.